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Is Your Business Responsive? How tech is changing customer expectations…

Our world, it would seem, has never been so connected. Communication has never been easier, challenging any brand or business to prove itself responsive to fast-moving times. No-one can afford to overlook the fundamental changes that technology has bought into our everyday lives, a process that continues to evolve with every new app and device. This technological revolution happened so quickly that the huge impact upon our familial, personal and business relationships can often leave us struggling to catch up. With the world now simply a click away, we can reach out to markets on the other side of the planet, instantly engage customers from another continent…and grow our businesses into globally recognized brands. A brave new world, rich in opportunity… where our business and personal development can grow strong together – providing we can meet its new challenges of course…which is where Concept can help you to take action.

The Golf Industry and Yield Management

Despite how little consideration has been given to the golf industry in terms of yield management issues, both practical and theoretical, it is surprisingly close in nature to several industries that already take full advantage of such tools and processes. In fact, upon disposing of perishable commodities and high variable demand, yield management can revolutionise the industry as it has many others. By factoring-in consumer behaviour many industries have achieved the maximum amount of profit from a perishable resource, examining these behaviours to best entice and target the consumer. The idea being to coordinate timing, price and consumer patterns to achieve the best return – all of which requires the right software in place.

Concept releases Spa & Membership iPad App on iTunes

There are few success stories as surprising as the iPad. When Steve Jobs oversaw the first release of his new tablet, critics were quick to predict a major misstep for the world’s greatest entrepreneur. Time would soon prove otherwise, with little doubt now over the legacy and ubiquity of the iPad. It became an iconic product of its own, and while maybe more people in the world would own Android phones than iPhones, those who did would also own iPads, iPod Touches, and a slew of other Apple products that all ran the same software, and, crucially, all connected to the same online store. In a masterclass of branding, the iPad integrated into the modern lifestyle, until people simply could not do without it, becoming an influence on consumer and business trends and practices. The ongoing popularity of iPad is clearly evidenced by the growing number of people eager to buy this tablet along with and an ever-increasing demand for iPad app development.

How to Better Market Your Hospitality Business to Millennials

The reputation of a generation is, unfortunately for them, often written by their predecessors. For example, “lazy” comes up as a top three autocomplete when you type “Millennials are” into Google. A common criticism is that members of this generation, born between the early 1980s and late 1990s, are easily bored and fickle. While this image is not altogether flattering, it is also misleading, and leads to confusion where marketing is concerned. This large, diverse generation makes up the largest part of the work force, and like every generation that came before, they come with their own set of characteristics that make them unique. At Concept Software Systems, we believe no enterprise – including those in the hospitality industry – can afford to ignore, nor misunderstand, their enormous spending power.